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Every Second, 45 Million Users Work Online With Zoho.

25 Million Users Work Online with Zoho...

With Zoho, you focus on your business while we take care of the rest with apps that help you get more sales, get paid, support your customers and make your business more productive.

Services WeOffer

Enterprise Resources Planning Applications:-

We use a new modular approach in solving the problems faced by growing organizations. We are having our team working for the ERP and CRM applications development and implementation. We start with ZOHO CRM or ZOHO Projects as base module and then add onapplications as we progress. The ZOHO modules are designed such a way that theywork together seamlessly.

We also provide a total full migration approach for ERP if your Organization is interested in it. We have different ERPs or applications specific to different industry.

SharePoint &, Web Applications :-

The web portals designed with Share Point are becoming very popular and we have teams working on this. We have few successful customers to show case our products. Contact us for further details.

ZOHO Implementation services :-

Across the Globe we provide implementation services for ZOHO Customers who would like to customize their ZOHO Suite. We also provide training and online support for any suchdevelopment.

Contact us for additional details.

Hosting & Technical Support :-

We provide Website Hosting Services at optimal costs to customers along with Technical Support.

Integrations with popular applications and ZOHO CRM:-

If you are interested in integrating your applications or work with ZOHO CRM, we provide you help in this kind of integration. We can also value added services to evaluate various applications for your business use and help you optimize your investment.

We can provide Tally Integration with ZOHO CRM and also provide new approach in the reduction of your costs in the IT budget.

We also have following services, which we will be adding details soon:-

A. Reliance Mailbox Antivirus

B. Professional Computer Training at Office/Home

C. Hardware Repairs and Maintenance

D. Software Advisory Services

E. Ubuntu Training Support, Training and Installation..