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We are Authorized Partner to ZOHO Incorporation for 12 years!!
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Why Zoho?

Special Features of Zoho

  • Zoho is a unique company, privately held, bootstrapped from day one and they been in business for 24 years.
  • It has evolved its own tools for SAAS, PASS and Cloud Infrastructure tools. It uses its own DATABASE and Database management tools.
  • ZOHO owns its own DATA CENTRES Globally and manages all the Zoho Instances of Customers.
  • Hence Zoho can provide much more reliable and secured environment as compared any cloud solutions company.
  • Zoho after seeing the impact of the coronavirus, created a solution to help business owners with a “ZOHO REMOTELY”,  a package of remote apps which are offered free until July 1st, 2020.
  • Business owners need to stay in touch with everyone in their ecosystem. We bundled communication tools into Zoho Remotely. Then we thought about chatting with groups or video calls, so we added Zoho Meeting app and related tools for web conferencing.
  • At this point, survival is the key. Let’s not talking about growth or any other aspect of business. Take care of your people and make sure that everyone survives together. During tough times is when the character of an individual or a business comes out.

Why Zoho?

Save Time

Automate repetitive tasks so that your sales team can spend less time on data entry and more on selling.

Cloud Access

Access to your appointments, schedules, tasks and everything else whenever you need to.

Sell more efficiently

Zoho CRM helps you to get to know what your customers are seeing, and find opportunities for engagement.

Track your progress

Watch your sales funnel in real time and always know how much money is pending in each stage.


Keep an eye on your sales funnel, performance metrics, automations, and individual agents with ease.

Social Media

Capture leads and manage your brand's social media interactions easily with Zoho CRM.

     The word Zoho is derived from the word ‘SOHO – which is Small Office Home Office’. The “SOHO” being generic term, could not be used. So ZOHO was born to represent a unique culture and Logo with four boxes came into being. The great company ZOHO Corporation was born by renaming its parent company AdventNet , on May 27, 2009.

Back in 1996, AdventNet was started, by Shridhar Vembu, (Zoho’s parent company) with a focus on Network Management.

The Zoho has three divisions, each focusing on different market segments.

  • Zoho.com – The division focused on Online Business, Productivity & Collaboration Applications.
  • ManageEngine – The division focused on Enterprise IT Management.
  • WebNMS – The division focused on the needs of OEMs.
Zoho has since then developed the businesses in different markets with variety of product offerings now leading to 50+ Million users.