ePratikshana 2498 Solutions
ePratikshana 2498 Solutions
We are Authorized Partner to ZOHO Incorporation for 12 years!!

Our Services

ZOHO Products – Implementation and Reseller Services

    ♦ Special offer of ZOHO CRM with Lead Generating website Software.
    ♦ School and Campus Management Software School and Campus Management Software.
    ♦ ZOHO One – Business Operations System Suite. 
    ♦ ZOHO CRM – Various Editions.
    ♦ All ZOHO 45+ applications on Cloud working on PC and Mobile.

    Online and On Premise Retail Solutions of Go Frugal Corporation

      ♦ Retails Stores Solutions

      ♦ POS Solutions

      ♦ Barcoding and related solutions for Malls

      CRM Suites – Expertise in Implementation with diverse domain knowledge industries.

      ♦ Real Estate CRM
      ♦ Pharma ERP for Pharmaceuticals Company
      ​♦ Oracle CRM On Demand
      ​♦ Sales Force Com
      ​♦ J D Edwards CRM
      ​♦ SAP CRM​

      IT infrastructure Consulting for Industries

      ♦ Specialized Recruitment for ERP experts.
      ♦ Specialized Training for Software for Corporates and Entrepreneurs.

      IT infrastructure Consulting for Industries

      Remote Management of IT Infrastructure
      IT Manage Business Solutions of Go Frugal Company

      JD Edwards Solutions for following modules

      ♦ Warehouse Management Solutions
      ♦ Sales Force Automation
      ♦ Resource Assignment Module
      ♦ Case Management Modules
      ♦ Sales and Distribution Module
      ♦ Human Capital Management Solution