ePratikshana 2498 Solutions
ePratikshana 2498 Solutions
We are Authorized Partner to ZOHO Incorporation for 12 years!!
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Certified Zoho Training Partner

Through online training, we aim to offer training tailored to meet your business requirements. We help you validate your technical skills so you can effectively run your business. With digital and in-class learning conducted by our experts with curated content, you can take your courses from anywhere. Connect with us today and stay and stay skilled! We are mumbai based certified partners of Zoho, and our goal is to produce skilled individuals and upscaled business productivity!

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E-learning with ePratikshana 2498 Solutions

At ePratikshana, we provide training to students as well as for corporate personnel's to learn Zoho applications. Being a certified partner, our panel of expert trainers ensure you make the best out of the zoho application you want to master. Create workflows and integration setups that aligns with your business goals, and stays in par with the industry standards by effectively training your staff.

Intense Zoho Training to Upscale Employee Skill

Our intense program includes a 15-20hrs session in a time of 3 weeks. In addition, we ensure training individuals with a hands on experience. Multiple real time case studies will be discussed to learn on how to bring forth real time business solutions for the specific application. A mix of theory and practical sessions leaves one with sound knowledge and confidence to deploy zoho applications. What are you waiting for? Train your employees today with us!