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FeeboEnterprise Solution

FEEBO ERP is a comprehensive suite of web-based ERP modules consisting of Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Production Planning & Shop Floor Management, Quality Management, Human Resources and Finance Resource Management.

It is an out-of-the-box solution that would come pre-installed on a server and that an include the server hardware, Windows operating system, Web Server, MS SQL Database, MS SharePoint, Email/ Fax/ SMS server, Microsoft Digital Certificate Server, MS Security Server and all the processes configured for pre-defined roles at an extra cost.

FEEBO-SaaS is a hosted version (with the same functionality as FEEBO) on our web server. It is a subscription based service for companies whose employees are on the move and would like to access the ERP from anywhere, anytime with a monthly rental. FEEBO can interface with mobile phones, PDAs, RFID, Barcode, ATMs, Attendance recorders, Biometric Systems etc.

FEEBO CRM- Customer Relation Management

Sales territory, Marketing Script, Customers, Sales Forecast, Campaign, Call Plan, Call Center, On-line Auction, SLA Service Agreements, Service Call Support, Customer DSS e-Advisor, Order Tracking, etc..

FEEBO MRP- Manufacturing Resource Planning

Engineering Management- Product Group, Item, BOM. Process, Planning Management-MRP, MPS, ROP, CRP, QC Recording/Analyzing. Project Management- Teams, Activities, Slack, CPM Reports, Network Diagram etc.

FEEBO SCM - Supply Chain Management

Supplier Registration, PR created via MRP, Employee self service create PR, PR Approval, Create RFQ, Supplier Quota Arrangement, Batch management for Pharma industries. Material Analysis Reports: ABC, FSN, VED, SOS, etc..

FEEBO HRM- Human Resource Management

Manpower requisition, recruitment management, publish online wanted on net, collect & compare online resumes from net, PC/barcode/RFID based attendance recording, Muster Roll, Payroll Structure & logic management, etc..

FEEBO FRM - Finance Resource Management

Defines 5 levels Chart of Accounts, Defines 2 level cost centers, Define Activity Based Cost Elements, Define Monthly Budgets, AR-Account Receivables Management, TDS Tax Management, Invoicing Export Documentation, etc...

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