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Zoho ONE

ZOHO ONE - ONE Suite for all your NEEDS

Zoho One is a robust, all-in-one software suite designed to streamline and manage various aspects of business operations. Developed by Zoho Corporation, it offers a comprehensive range of cloud-based applications and tools to support various functions within an organization. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Zoho One provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for enhancing productivity, collaboration, and decision-making.

Integrated Suite of Applications

 Zoho One offers more than 40 applications, including CRM, finance, human resources, marketing, communication, and productivity tools. These applications are seamlessly integrated, allowing data to flow smoothly across different departments. This integration minimizes data silos and promotes better collaboration.


Zoho One operates on a subscription-based model, providing access to all its applications for a fixed monthly fee per user. This eliminates the need for purchasing individual software licenses, resulting in significant cost savings. Small businesses can access enterprise-grade tools without breaking the bank.


Zoho One offers extensive customization options using Zoho Creator, allowing businesses to tailor applications to their specific needs. Whether it's custom fields, workflows, or integrations, Zoho One can be adapted to match your unique processes.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Zoho ONE can be customized towards an  industry-specific solutions for verticals like retail, healthcare, and finance, providing tailored tools and features that cater to the unique needs of these sectors.

Security and Privacy

Emphasizes security and data privacy. They adhere to industry-standard security protocols and offer features like multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and robust access controls to safeguard your business data.

Automation and Workflow Management

Zoho Flow, an automation platform, and Zoho Creator, a low-code application development platform. These tools enable the automation of routine tasks and the creation of custom applications, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.

ZOHO ONE - Customer's Opinion

Sunny Bhanushali
CEO of Aliens tattoo

“Any individual with minimal tech knowledge can easily learn and adapt to Zoho One”

Sushil Sharma
Founder and CEO, PartsBaba

"PartsBaba benefits from all the innovation and enhancements happening in Zoho One.  While PartsBaba would otherwise struggle to transcend geographic boundaries, Zoho One's remote work features allow the company's small team to function across borders without the added cost"

Satyan Thukral

"The ease of business was not there before using Zoho One. I feel Zoho One is better than best-of-breed software."

As Zoho Implementation Partners, we Deliver your business success

Our house of industry experts will assist you in implementation of required Zoho applications. Our strategy includes customization, configuration, and integration services that are needed for a specific business requirement across various industries, big or small. With our cost-efficient implementation services, find effective solutions for your business. We understand your business challenges and risks, and come up with customized solutions and expert guidance to make your business process effective.